Palestine is now to be recognized as a “Non-member Observer State” by the U.N.

President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas

 “… a move that will strengthen the Palestinians’ legal basis for pursuing possible war-crimes prosecutions against Israeli troops and set up a showdown with the United States and Israel.”

The U.N. General Assembly is poised to recognize Palestine as a “Non-member Observer State” on Thursday. The Palestinians are expected to win the Thursday vote by an overwhelming margin, diplomats.

132 countries have recognized the state of Palestine and supporters hope the vote will provide a desperately needed political boost to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, whose Fatah party has been eclipsed in recent weeks by rival Hamas.

U.S. officials say a negotiated settlement with Israel is the only way to establish a Palestinian state.


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Will China be the next superpower of the world?

Will China be the next superpower of the world?

Yes they will!

Hong Kong Thousands of senior Chinese officials are gathering in Beijing for a week of lengthy speeches and meetings. At the end of this once in a decade process, The Communist Party’s 18th National Congress, a new set of top Chinese leaders will be revealed to the world. China’s prospective leaders, rise to the top by showing how loyal they are to the incumbent. What they will do when they rise to the top, that they will not show or tell.

While rumors continue to circulate about possible democratic reforms in the wake of the recent huge political scandal involving the former senior party official Bo Xilai, and widespread corruption among officials throughout the country, some say they expect measures to reshape China’s huge economy. Others predict the army may have a stronger influence over territorial disputes with neighbors like Japan.

What we do know is that in the recent years China’s economy has continued to grow, lifting tens of millions of people out of poverty and that China is now the world’s second-biggest economy and closing fast on the United States.

Do the next leaders of the Chinese nation have plans to be the first superpower of the world?

They will not tell but that is exactly where they are heading.


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Les États-Unis glissent vers le fascisme

Ron Paul

« Les États-Unis glissent vers le fascisme »

Malgré le fait que cette déclaration ne contribuera certainement pas à une victoire éventuelle, Selon Ron Paul, candidat à l’investiture républicaine américaine : Les États-Unis se dirigent tout droit vers un système fasciste dominé par un gouvernement et des entreprises omniprésentes.

Et bien, me voici contraint de lui donner raison: le capitalisme poussé à l’extrême ne peut conduire qu’à une seule chose, la dictature du fascisme économique. C’est bien malheureux, monsieur Paul, suite à cette déclaration, vous n’avez plus aucune chance de remporter l’investiture de votre parti.

Dommage, meilleure chance la prochaine fois.