The International and Internal Terrorists Preferred Communication Tool: Telegram Messenger

In only a few days, Telegram Messenger Becomes The Second Most Downloaded App In The US

Telegram Messenger is now ranked second in the most downloaded applications in the United States. This is happening after Twitter blocked the Trump’s account, Apple and Google removed from their app stores the popular social network of his Parler supporters and Amazon Web Services cut off Parler from any access to their services.

The backup solution was easy: Telegram Messenger.

For years, ISIS has used a variety of online platforms, including Twitter and WhatsApp among others, to communicate with recruits and operatives, issue claims of responsibility for attacks, and disseminate news updates and propaganda materials. Today, Trump’s right-wing extremists and terrorists are doing exactly the same. What the United States of America is now dealing with is nothing else then Internal Terrorism.

What the United States of America is now dealing with is nothing else then possible armed insurrections and assassination attempts against its duly elected political leaders and members of the government. What the United States of America is now dealing with is nothing else then a possible civil war. In less than a week, since January 6, in only a few days, Telegram Messenger, in the United States, has been downloaded overt 545 thousand times and we are still counting.

Terrorist and extremist groups use encrypted application Telegram Messenger to recruit new members, fundraise, incite to violence, and coordinate terrorist activity. Telegram Messenger’s messaging application has both public-facing and private components. This flexible interface enables Trump’s right-wing extremists and terrorists to do everything from self-promotion, brand development and propaganda dissemination, to secret plotting of attacks outside detection or interference from law enforcement.

There are dark days coming, very dark days coming.


J. Michael Dennis

Syndicated Columnist … and other things


“I am awesome!” – Donald Trump

“I am exceptionally smart” he said.” “I’m, like, a very smart person,” he assured voters in 2016, “A very stable genius,” he ruled two years later.

And then, on last April 24, this exceptionally smart, very stable genius comes out with this unbelievable statement suggesting “injection” of disinfectant to beat coronavirus and “clean” the lungs. No modern politician anywhere in the world can match and surpass Trump’s record of irrational or illogical statements.

Trump is in a class of its own

His constant careless and too often delusional statements definitely invited questions about his intelligence and actual state of mind.

When Rex Tillerson called Trump a “moron” in private, he was absolutely right. So where all other former senior administration officials that did the same or rendered equivalent verdicts.

Trump is a megalomaniac

Since long before his 2016 campaign, few subjects have been as meaningful to him as appraisals of his intellect. For Trump, it always has been a source of perpetual obsession and manifest insecurity, so much, that he always felt and still do feel the need to allude to his brainpower regularly.

Trump does not want to feel like anybody is better than he is. He cannot deal with that and this is the reason why he his so often dismissing them and their opinions. He used to be intimidated by lawyers. Anyone who knows more than he does makes him feel less than he is.

Don’t get me wrong, I always cheer the underdog and applaud when they win. But if I was still be praising Trump, I would have to question my own sanity!

I now believe that it is time to go nuclear on Trump.

The only remedy is the 25th Amendment.


Michel Ouellette, ll.l, ll.m
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