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Isaac Newton

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton

There is something called “Collective Intelligence”

Humans have been around for approximately 200,000 years, but up until about 70,000 years ago, we weren’t too different from any of the other animals in our impact on the environment.

Then, in a relatively short period, we became the dominant predator on Earth. A few 10,000 years later, we began settling into agricultural communities, and less than 9,000 years after that, we learned to write. Since then, our rate of progress has only gotten faster.

The modern world we enjoy today is inconceivably different from the world we’ve lived in for the majority of our existence.

What changed?

The answer lies in our ability to pass down knowledge.

Nothing Is Entirely Original

When most of us think about a discovery or an invention, we think of something new; something that did not exist before; something that seemingly came up to us out of thin air.

That is not an entirely accurate way of looking at it.

No discovery or invention is completely original: Any new idea, process, or method is in some way a combination of old concepts and information. Discoveries are never a product of pure single-handed originality.

There is no copyright on intelligence

Our humanoid prosperity as a species rests on our collective intelligence. Alone, and without the power of past knowledge, we would not be where we are today. Individually, we have to rely on others more than to depend on ourselves.

None of us can do it alone, and we do not have to. The intelligent creative process is nothing else than a way of finding relationships between people, between intelligentsia and what is already known.

Yes indeed, there is something called “Collective Intelligence” and by definition, everything that is “collective” does not carry individual ownership.

There is inspiration to be found everywhere.


Owner of and King Global Earth and Environmental Sciences Corporation, JMD, a former attorney, is a Columnist for The Futurist Daily News and editor of the Social and Political Blog  Follow JMD @ jmdlive



King Global Earth & Environmental sciences Corporation – Striking this balance, between crop production and environmental impact for future generations, takes real innovation. At King Global Earth & Environmental Sciences Corporation, this is what we do.

Our world populations are rapidly expanding. Our planet is not. In a world where too many already go hungry, we, as citizen of the Earth, all have a very daunting challenge on our hands: feeding the estimated nine billion of us who will inhabit Earth by the year 2050 will require food to be grown on roughly the same amount of land that we use for farming today. Fortunately, we have King Global Earth & Environmental Sciences Corporation.

King Global Earth & Environmental Sciences Corporation is now turning its attention to the study of soil fertility and soil chemistry to help secure and grow the food supply for the future generations. This challenge is not just an agronomic issue; it is also an economic and freedom issue. Many developing countries struggle because their people have very little economic freedom. Agronomy by itself will not solve these issues. Agricultural education will.

At King Global Earth & Environmental Sciences Corporation, our first role is to help develop and refine enhanced efficiency soil nutrients and chemical free fertilizers. Our mission is to provide food security for the world using the land we already have. This means applying the right kinds of soil nutrients and chemical free fertilizers in just the right amounts to optimize the balance between crop production and environmental impact for future generations and striking this balance takes real innovation.

With newly developed soil nutrients and chemical free fertilizers we try to optimize the amount of nutrients getting into the plant or tree to help it grow and produce a better quality produce and harvest. By applying technical and scientific innovation, we are now also working on harnessing the power of microbial life that already exist and occur in the environment. to optimize both, the plant itself and the product.

The process begins by identifying precisely which microbial form of life can help naturally stimulate plants and trees to improve their performance in areas such as potency, water and nutrient use efficiency and crop yield. We test our products on plants in the lab, we test them in the greenhouse, and finally, if it proves promising by producing more grain or better fruits, we try it out in the field on a much larger scale.

We will screen thousands of microbial forms and test thousands of soil nutrients to find just a few that work. But it is all worth it, because helping plants grow bigger, better, stronger and faster, brings real, long-term value to society, which brings us back to our mission: doing our part to help feed the world today and tomorrow.

King Global Earth & Environmental Sciences Corporation is committed to making long-term investments in science, research and the development of new products and technologies that are going to take and get us there.

There are not a lot of other companies who would both see the potential, and be willing to make that deep financial commitment to this kind of promising Eco-friendly, environmentally sound and systemic technology.

Our partners do and are committed to our success, to our mission in feeding the world, in growing a stronger and better planet.