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Starting October 1st
A Radical Personal and Professional Transformation Project
Turning Your Life Around | How to Stay Relevant in a Fast-Changing World

When things are bad, it is the best time to reinvent yourself

Why waste valuable time?

What if you could instantly improve your life, step up, stand out and kick ass, bounce back from failures, speak your truth, embrace your quirks, and have a lot more fun along the way?

What if you could instantly change the focus of your company to be customer centered, operationally excellent, and results driven? What if that change organically grew from within?

What if it took only 90 days for you to see the results?

For years, I have been looking for ways to escape the vicissitudes of my life and to become Who I Always Wanted to Be, Who I Was Meant to Be.

For years, I always wanted to escape all the vaticinators of my life and stop believing in all their lies and egotistical and narcissistic aspirations. Unfortunately, for years, I have been living the dreams of my father, the dreams of my mother, the dreams of a malevolent society, the dreams of the churches, the priests, the false prophets of all confessions only to lose myself in all their lies, illusions and delusions.

I was not going anywhere and, today, I am still not going anywhere. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa! I love a good challenge and it is now time to take personally charge of “My Life”. It is time to turn “My Life” around and be “The Person I Always Meant to Be and live “A Life of My Own”. Keep reading and see if you want to join me to share with me and the world the reason(s) why you wish to take the 90 Days “Extreme You” Challenge and tell me and the world everything about your roadblocks and progress.

It is “Now” time to do it. I have to do it!

Starting October 1st, I will be telling you more about the “Extreme You” 90 Days Challenge and I would love to share and hear from you. I would love to learn more about you, your personal concerns and challenges, about your own goals and dreams.

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Always so many excuses
The final countdown | by: Michel Ouellette JMD

Change is not only difficult; it is often really scary.

There is always a natural inclination to want to delay beginning for as long as possible. No one wants to fail or look silly and the easiest way to avoid failure or to look silly is to never try or start anything, chiefly anything new.

All the excuses are good: no money; no approval and more than often, the universal excuse, life is getting in the way; sorry, no time. Because of all these excuses or whatever, one will decide that it is better to wait, to delay the project, to postpone it to tomorrow. All these reasons and excuses, I truly believe that you truly believe that they are very much valid. But quite frankly, I don’t think they matter. What I really think is that you are bullshitting both of us, yourself and myself.

Either you want to make it or you don’t.

If you really want to make it, if you really want to reinvent yourself, if you really want to empower yourself, if you really want to start something new, if you really want to create this better future for yourself, for your family, for the people you care about, you will. Nothing will stop you, nothing will frighten you, and nothing will scare you away.

When you fall off out the boat into the ocean, what do you say: “Oh my God! This is so cold, this is so scary, this is so difficult, my mother told me; I think I shall wait for tomorrow, for a better day to start doing it”?

I am telling you my friends, start swimming now; Tomorrow Starts Today.

To be continued…


Michel Ouellette JMD is a talented keynote and motivational speaker, public affairs & communications Strategist. For more about “Making It” in the years to come and coming soon: “Standing Out” by JMD.
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Concept of vision in business

The Way of the future
The final countdown | by: Michel Ouellette JMD

For the years to come, useful content should be at the core of your Branding and Marketing strategy.

Consumers and employers no longer trust and believe in the traditional world of information and communications. Smart individuals and professionals understand that traditional branding and marketing techniques are now becoming less and less effective by the minute, and that “Content Branding and Marketing” is the way of the future.

But what exactly is Content Branding and Marketing?

“Content Branding and Marketing is: a “Branding” and “Marketing” technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable “Content” to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target and objective.”

Content Branding and Marketing is a technique and strategy designed to attract prospective employers and/or customers and retain their attention and loyalty by creating, curating and engaging content, publishing and circulating relevant and valuable information, that could and will influence and enhance the prospective targeted audience behavior positively in your favor. 

It is an ongoing process that is best integrated into your overall branding and marketing strategy, focusing on owning the media, not renting it.

Content Branding and Marketing is the “Supreme Art” of communicating with your targeted audience without looking like begging or peddling. It is a non-interruption, an ongoing branding and marketing technique. 

Instead of pitching your products or services, you deliver useful and valuable information to your prospective and existing customers that will help them make a decision in your favor so they can reward you with their business and loyalty.

Believe me it works!

To be continued…


Michel Ouellette JMD is a talented keynote and motivational speaker, public affairs & communications Strategist. For more about “Making It” in the years to come and coming soon: “Standing Out” .
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The Kassandra Project
 Coming up: “
The Kassandra Project
The final countdown | by: Michel Ouellette JMD

For the years to come [2014-2020],

Le Futurist Daily News is forecasting an ever-growing period of unemployability and iniquities.

By promoting both, the Kassandra and Prometheus Projects, Le Futurist Daily News most sincerely hopes that injustices, unemployability and social iniquities will be wordily and actively contested on all possible economical, political and social fronts. Nevertheless our good intentions will not drive us anywhere unless each and every one of the citizens of the World decide to empower themselves now.

Otherwise, Le Futurists Daily News’s forecasts for the future will still make for intriguing and interesting readings and highlights for the years to come. Here is a forecast of what is the future have in store for us.

1. From social anything and everything to being socially smart

Burying the exceptional and excellence in the trivial and inconsequential, the Social Technologies are everywhere. These gigantic depositories of digital garbage and insignificance are now ruling and controlling most of our existences. Socially smart people are now aware of this potentially treacherous reality and moving to niche networks. Businesses and politicians, like this new generation of enlightened users need to get smarter and start to show intelligence, substance and quality. Nobody is buying hot air anymore. For the future, intelligence and adaptability is and will be the great leveler. Competition for attention will intensify the battle to own key assets from identity to news sharing, demanding radical reinvention.

2. Information security

Thought your personal and corporate information was and still is safe? Think again. The information security genie is out of the bottle as cyber-surveillance and data mining by governmental, public and private organizations, criminal networks and whistleblowers as well, increases. And don’t forget, as it is now very difficult, in the coming years, it will be increasingly even more difficult to tell friend from foe in cyberspace as networks will increasingly build artificial intelligence and algorithms designed to decipher your emotions and track your every move for both, security and profitability. Protecting your personal identity and societies information now is and will still be a priority for all in the coming years.  

3. Reinventing the shopping culture

Retailers are now facing a digitally driven perfect storm as connectivity, rising consumer influence, time scarcity, mobile payments, and the Internet are now dictating where, when and how we shop. Add to this the increasing sharing economy philosophy, driven by the younger generations where experience and sustainable consumption are more important than ownership, and you will soon realize that the traditional retail models are now breaking down. In the years to come, the mere survival and future of the retailers will be increasingly defined by their capacity to create experiential spaces offering personalized service, integrated online and offline value propositions satisfying the forever increasing demands for immediacy and surprise.

4. Redistributing the technological revolution

Complex, global value chains are being redistributed by new technologies, labour market shifts and connectivity. Small-scale manufacturing and shifting production economics are now moving production lines closer to markets and enabling mass customization. Rising labour costs, high unemployment rates, global access to on-line talent and knowledge is now our new reality driving the industrial world toward new business models requiring even more mobility, flexibility and well define networks of communication and information.

5. The new face of globalization

As production and consumption become more distributed, the forever apparition of newly created technical specialized intelligence nucleuses is the next step that will characterize the next wave of globalization. Such specialized centers will be created and designed to support the needs of growing regional trade, emerging city states, on-line preferred communities of choice, and the emerging new generation of multi-skills flexible workers and entrepreneurs. Underpinning this new culture will be the global knowledge networks and new business and governance models based on ethical leveraging global values designed and intended to deliver local added value.

6. Making the impossible possible

Cross-disciplinary discipline approaches and visionary entrepreneurship is now the driving force that will lead us to scientific breakthroughs that will change not just the way we live our personal and professional lives but also our bodies and intelligence. We are now contemplating and opening up to the vast possibilities offered by these new scientific discoveries in the field of mind control and artificial intelligence, shape-shifting and self-organizing materials expected to enhanced humans, space exploration, and high-speed transportation. Great debates are to be expected around the ethics and financing of these advances.

7. Growing oneself in the changing of times

The United States are crumbling, Brazil lost it, India is losing it, China is paying the price for its growth, Russia is failing trying to make a superpower come-back, South Africa’s economy is in disarray, the Arab Spring governments are still in turmoil and we are still witnessing worldwide increasing social unrest. The World is asking and demanding for significant meaningful shifts in social, economical, political and ethical governance. The younger generations now growing and aspiring to greater freedom and quality of life, the strong and highly adaptive individuals and societies that will know how to adapt to the changing times will be the one to leverage the actual situation and the leaders of tomorrow.

8. Who is listening?

The complex relationship and apparent paradigm of food, water, energy and climate change presents huge global economic, political, environmental and societal challenges. We are now living a worldwide, universal, societal crisis of moral values and economical, political and corporate ethical governance. In the years to come more debate and calls to action are to be expected and like it or not, those that are listening will take action and challenge all our now failing institutions for a renewed world order and responsible global ethical governance.

9. Empowerment and fighting back will be the name of the game

Our institutions, the world is desperate for talented and highly skilled workers and individuals. Yet worldwide unemployment rates remain high. Polarization towards higher and lower skill levels is squeezing on mid-level jobs and middle classes. In the years to come, fighting increasing unemployability and poverty will not only remain a critical issue, it will become and increasingly critical issue given the forever increasing disparity of income between the poor and the riches of the world. In the years to come, employers will have to face the fact that slavery has been long time abolished, that people have to be provided with a high enough income to provide for themselves and their family. Employers will also have to face the fact that if they want to attract and retain their workforce, they will have to offer and provide meaning to the work being done. The new generation and the new generations to come is asking and are going to be asking and demanding for well paid, exciting and meaningful work where they can make an impact. If they cannot find it, they will quickly move on the growing ranks of young entrepreneurs.

10. Expecting consistency and embracing the challenge

Mo matter what too many believe to the contrary, life is absolutely, totally fair and predictable. For whoever decides today to empower himself, tomorrow will most certainly be a better day. Income inequality, poverty, unhappiness is only growing for the ignorant or he who likes to pleasure himself in insignificance and misery and to blame everyone except oneself for his misfortune. The hero of tomorrow is the one who decides today to do something about his life. By bettering himself today, he is building tomorrow’s better world.

To be continued…


Michel Ouellette JMD is a talented keynote and motivational speaker, public affairs & communications Strategist. For more about “Making It” in the years to come and coming soon: “Standing Out” .
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Get tough and make it big time
The final countdown

You are a Loser! You are struggling with life and your life? Get tough, stand tall and make it once and for all.

Comply or die

Imagine telling your wife or girl friend that you are faithful 99% of the time or telling your boss that you are not steeling from him 99% of the time! Success, like for anything else command 100% commitment.

Stop waiting for a miracle to happen

Stop waiting to be rescued by God or the heavenly beings. Stop waiting for the lottery winning ticket. Stop waiting for any kind of Messiah, prophet, and guru to come and tell you how to make it. Stop waiting for the government to come and save you. Nobody, no one is coming to the rescue. Grow up; you are not a child anymore. Stop acting like one. No one can save you from being a loser except yourself.

Stop socializing with losers

People are all born equals but some become losers and other winners. Winners don’t make friends with losers. Avoid losers even especially if these losers are your best friends or part of your family; being a loser is contagious. The more you socialize with losers, the more you listen to them and soon, you become like them, complaining about nothing and everything and doing absolutely nothing to improve your situation. Stick with winners, winning is contagious.

Grow up emotionally

Get brutally honest and once and for all, have a close look at yourself in the mirror. What you see is what people see. What do they see? A very fit individual; A well dressed person; a trustful person, a bright looking and professional individual; someone that everyone wants to socialize with … or some kind of a freak show or vision polluting device; some kind of a fat ugly duck or sorry cow; some kind of a born loser or pathological sociopath that everybody and everyone want to run away from …? Have a good look at yourself in the mirror and tell me! Be honest with yourself! Would you hire you? Get in touch with reality! To grow, to thrive and prosper in the years to come, one has to be fit; one has to be fit physically, mentally and emotionally and today is your day for a reality check! Take your pill and swallow it! Cry a little, maybe a few days or so, and get to work. You want to make it tomorrow, grow up now; only mental, emotional and physical fitness will allow you to survive, to thrive and prosper.

Expect to pay the price

If you really want to make it, there will be a price to pay; the higher you want or wish to fly, the higher the cost. Get ready to pay the price! No one gets a free ride anymore in this world of ours and the next six years to come will be even more demanding for both, losers and winners. You are a loser? You are already enduring and paying the high price of being for perceived as an unfit and a born loser; convert that pain into willpower and use it as your main source of motivation to become a winner.

Today is the time to comply or die. You don’t understand this! You may as well go kill yourself right now; you are already doomed. In tomorrow’s world there is no room for the losers; your life will be a living hell all your life!

To be continued…


For more about “Making It” in the years to come and coming soon: “Standing Out” .
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Thinking man and question mark

What is it that matters most to you?

The final countdown

Success is only one thing: achieving what matters most to you, not to others.

You want to be successful today and tomorrow?

Live your life fully on your own terms and love doing so. People who absolutely love what they do for a living are mostly likely to create tremendous success and reward for themselves. They not only thrive to continuously engage in life-supporting behaviors, but they also know to avoid the pitfalls of many negative actions and mindsets that other, less successful people, habitually get lost in.

Here is a description of the self-limiting behaviors that you want to avoid if you wish to create a better future for yourself in the years to come.

Engaging in “below the line” thinking

Do not engage in “Below the line” thinking, that particular mindset that shapes how you view the world in a limitative way. Such a way of thinking will only lead you to believe that your faith or destiny is outside your control and upbraiding everyone and everything for your own failure. You want to be successful today and tomorrow, start looking for the possible obstacles ahead, and start addressing them now. Be accountable for your own behavior. Open your eyes and learn how to read the signs. Be the master of your own life; empower yourself and stop blaming others and circumstances for your own failures. Man up, be accountable for your life and your career; acquire what you are lacking of and what it takes to successfully navigate through life.

Mistaking wishful thinking for action

All most successful people pursue outcomes that are spontaneously flowing from their genetic and cultural inborn and current actions. They know much better than to pursue utopian fantasies that may relieve them momentarily of their situational pain but have no absolutely no basis whatsoever in reality. All successful people without any exception avoid daydreaming and carefully avoid any possible kind of fancies. You want to be successful today and tomorrow, stop praying and start acting; learn to crush your dreams and unrealistic goals in down into smaller, palatable action steps that you can build on and that will lead you to your end goal. There is no other secret to success than action.

Persisting in being powerless and speechless

Successful people are and know how to keep in touch with their inherent power, and are not afraid or reluctant to both, expressing it and using it. They always make sure to advocate and negotiate strongly for themselves and others, for what they care about, and never shy away from the competition. They know what they can bring to the table and how to dress the table to suit their needs and the needs of the people they serve, their family, friends and customers; they have a concern, they express it; they are challenged, they face and tackle both, the challenge and the challenger head on; they do not hide, they know how and when to face the enemy and always make sure to do it openly, with calm, poise and grace. Successful people do not hide or shy away from their problems; they never perceive themselves as helpless victims.

Not investing in oneself

Successful people understand the necessity of investing in themselves first. This is with no regret or second thought that they happily invest a lot of time, money and energy in themselves for the benefit of their own growth. You want to be happy today and tomorrow? You want to help people today and tomorrow? Just make sure to help yourself first! Grow yourself in being a better person, a better individual, and a successful and powerful individual; successful people never hesitate to spend money, time and effort on their own growth; they know that this is an investment that will eventually pay off big time for themselves and everyone around them.

Resisting change

Successful people always go with the flow. They do not resist trends, they know better than to swim against the tide; they recognize trends, embrace trends and follow them. They know the value of displaying fluidity and flexibility. They know how to react to what is coming and what is standing in front of them. When necessary, they know how to skillfully improvise.

Honoring other people’s agendas over oneself

Successful people do not want and do not need anyone to dictate them what their priorities, their values, their concerns, and their mission and purpose in life should be. They do not need you or anyone else to tell them what they are. They know what matters most to them. They are the captain of their own ship, the master of their own life and always know where they are heading; they know where they belong, where they are heading and do not let anyone or anything dictate their conduct or way of life. Successful people know when and how to say “No” to the wailer and everyone else that could push them off track.

Doubting oneself

Successful people never doubt themselves. They never show any lack of trust in their own gut or instincts. Successful people never second-guess themselves; they believe in themselves; they know that if they do not believe in themselves, in their product or services, nobody will. They know that if do not believe in their own value, the value of their product or services, nobody will buy either one or the other including themselves.

Searching for handouts and easy answers

Reaching out expecting free help without considering what you may offer in return is a very bad sign. This is a sign that you are doomed to fail in whatever you are attempting to do or wish to do. Successful people never act in such a way; they understand and they know the importance of having something important and valuable to offer, share or exchange in return for what they want. They know that there is nothing free in this world, and because they believe in the value of their services or product, they always treat others exactly as they would like to be treated. There is nothing free in this world and there is nothing such as a free ride and successful people know it; they always figure out how to get the help they need without asking for handouts.

The most successful people of the world never expect and never expected to acquire something or anything of value for nothing; they always made sure to treat others equitably and fairly and always expected others to do the same. The most successful people realize and always been aware of the fact that if they are not willing to pay for the products or services they want, then others will never be willing to pay the price they deserve for the value their own products or services. The most successful people also know that their success is directly proportionate to the effort they put in and that there is no short cuts or easy answers on the road to success.

You want to build a better tomorrow for yourself, your family, your friends and all mankind, start today: Stop buying lottery tickets; stop underselling yourself; stop praying and daydreaming. Unless your end goal is to become a cult leader the metaphysical, the spiritual and the religious, will never drive you anywhere.

To be continued…


For more about “Making It” in the years to come and coming soon: “Standing Out” by: JMD.

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Lighten up!

Probing together the days of the ancient, fathoming the grottoes of the Cro-Magnon of the Great Hunt and the Neanderthal, the dens of the crouching cannibals of the glacial ages, examining the enigmatic chalky, skeletal remains of what have been the chimpanzee-like hunter-pygmies on the open plains of the early Transvaal, we shall be finding clues to the deepest secrets not only of the most extraordinary cultures of both the Orient and the Occident, but also of our own most inward expectations, spontaneous responses, and obsessive fears. Our intention therefore, is to explore the deep, very deep well of the past to ascertain what part of the collective universal knowledge has been already labored and perfected, and what portions have been long ago left unfinished or entirely neglected.

Doing so, we will investigate together the mythological fabric of the “Oriental”, all the traditions of that broad and various, yet essentially unified, major province represented by the philosophical myths and mythological philosophies of India, Southeast Asia, China, and Japan, to which can be joined the earlier yet closely related mythological cosmologies of archaic Mesopotamia and Egypt, as well as the later, remotely, yet essentially comparable systems of the Pre-Columbian Middle America and Peru. Then, we will venture in the mythological world of the “Occidental”, the progressively, ethically oriented mythologies of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all of this in relationship and counterplay to the animus of the Greco-Roman pantheons and the Celto-Germanic. And finally, we will be considering the recent contemporary “Creative Mythology”, that most important mythological tradition of the modern world, which can be said to have had its origin with the Greeks, to have come of age in the Renaissance, and to still be flourishing today in the works of those artists, poets, and philosophers of the West for whom the wonder of the world itself, as it is now being analyzed by science, is the ultimate revelation.

Gathering into a single summation all the information, mystical, mythological, historical and scientific materials pointing out to the roots, the true nature of mankind, its origins and all the possible futures of mankind is no child play. Keeping it rational, impartial and unprejudiced is even more difficult. No one, as far as I know, has yet tried to compose into a single picture the realistic image of the fundamental unity and history of mankind. Never before such an undertaking has been attempted before. Gathering from the deep well of the past, I will, demonstrate, once and for all, that we have now reached the final frontier of mankind intellectual absurdity.

Believing in the divine beings will never drive mankind anywhere else than straight into a living hell.

To be continued…