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J. Michael Dennis have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to meet and exceed your expectations. Through JMD Systemics, a division of King Global Earth & Environmental Sciences Corporation, J. Michael Dennis offers you a variety of services customized to fit every one of your specific needs and goals.

You don’t pay for Knowledge ~ You only pay for results

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J.Michael Dennis


Crisis & Reputation Management


JMD Provides Results:

  • Personal Reputation Management
  • Business and Corporate Reputation Management
  • Public Affairs and Public Relations 
  • Corporate  Communications
  • Customer Relations and Communications
  • Crisis Handling & Management
  • Reputation Monitoring

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Virtual Assistance Services


Everything You Would Require From Your Full Time Personal Assistant 

  • Administrative Works
  • Emails Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Online Research
  • Travel Assistance
  • Social Media Management
  • and so much more

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Branding & Marketing


Your Brand is the most valuable asset of your business. It is more than a name and a logo: It is everything that is associated with your products or services. We are in the business of providing  you innovative,  creative and effective corporate branding strategies that will translate into added value for your business.

Affordable professional and efficient contractual content writing for startups, small and medium size businesses. J. Michael Dennis partners with you to effectively manage your brand presence online. Quality content and is what people and prospective customers are looking for. 

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Web Site Design & Development


J. Michael Dennis’s Web Designer Team design modern, beautiful & mobile-responsive websites that easily fit to every device one can think of. To allow you achieve awesome User Interface & User Experience, all of our websites are designed from the end users perspective.

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Business Optimisation


In the consulting industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. As a growth specialist, J. Michael Dennis helps you define the ideal outcome for the situation, and through systemic strategic planning guide you toward achieving your goals and the best possible results.

Available Services:

  • Corporate Strategy and Performance Management
  • Conferences and Symposiums
  • Strategy and Digital Transformation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Corporate, Ethical and Regulatory Compliance Management
  • Monitoring, Training and Staff Supervision
  • Negotiation and Facilitation

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Personal Development


In this new world of turmoil and uncertainty, it is very difficult to distinguish between fake news and reality. J. Michael Dennis provides you with all the insights necessary to develop this “Extreme Personality” that will allow you to step up, stand out from the crowd and kick ass.

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