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Trump_ The Alpha male

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Trump is running an exceptionally visceral campaign.

As Donald Trump’s GOP opponents regroup in South Carolina, they are running into a new political phenomenon: Trump is riding on a wave of adulation. Rarely has a presidential hopeful emerged like Donald Trump, who consistently touts his resume and plans for the nation in sweeping and over-the-top terms.

All politicians like to brag about their abilities and achievements. But Trump is particularly unique in how he talks about himself: “My brain is very sharp, super-genius stuff.’’ “I’m much smarter than you.” “I think I have a much higher IQ.” “I think I went to a better college — better everything.” I have the world’s greatest memory.” “I’m proud of my net worth. I’ve done an amazing job.” “I’m self-funding my campaign.” “I’m probably the least racist person on Earth. For many voters, Trump is the ultimate alpha male who says exactly what is on his mind and his appeal is fairly broad in South Carolina where a majority of angry, rural white males feel disadvantaged by the economy and overlooked by the establishment.

Will Trump betray the GOP?

Right now, the GOP establishment is being torn between two conflicting ways of thinking about the clear front runner to be their party’s presidential nominee. The first says that apart from Donald Trump’s chances in a general election, his nomination would be a disaster for conservatism. Having him as the nominee would leave conservatives without a party. The second way of thinking says that while all that may be true, there is little choice but to make peace with the possibility that Trump could be the nominee.

While there is wisdom in acceptance, those verging on panic, have a more accurate assessment of Trump: not only is he not a true conservative, but there is also the possibility that he could betray them even sooner than they think. There is no reason to think that Trump will not turn on a dime the instant he has to face a general electorate, and begin advocating a whole new set of policies. Up to now, during his campaign, he adopted an entirely new set of beliefs, one attuned to what his current audience wants. Trump is not only just xenophobic, but fervently pro-life, pro-gun, pro-God, and pro-whatever else he thinks primary voters want to hear. Unlike other politicians who struggle to explain any hint of contradiction between what they are advocating now and what they’ve advocated before, Trump waves it all away.

Booing Trump during a debate is not a good idea!

Unlike other politicians, Trump seems to have no friends, no allies and no commitments. He is completely stranger to everything that gives any sort of shape and predictability to politics. You say something he does not like: you are dead to him. Any cooperation he shares with anyone is temporary and conditional on him being “treated fairly.” The instant he decides he is not, his former friend becomes his foe. Trump has no real history in conservative or Republican politics and because he is not bothering to court the people and groups who populate the party’s institutions and coalition, he has no promises to keep.

Trump does not care about The Party, and a lot of Republican voters don’t either.


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Branding is the name of the game

The final countdown

Success, happiness and prosperity belong to who can read the signs, exploit them and is willing to grow his box. To increase and optimize your visibility and exposure to the world, on the Internet and the marketplace, here are some simple steps you must consider.

  1.  Define your Brand
  2.  Find the most appropriate medias for your Brand
  3.  Claim your Custom URL
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  6.  Always make sure to engage the influencers.
Content Strategy

Post exclusive, engaging content. Photo and video posts are the most engaging. And make sure to post at least every 72 hours.

Publishing Tips

Visual content is critical: Photos are nearly four times more engaging than any other post types and make up for 62% of the total interactions on any blogging or social network platform.

Post mostly weekdays in the morning: Engagement rates on the weekends drop off by more than 50%. Weekdays are mostly all equal with Wednesdays showing a slight advantage. 6 AM to 12 PM is the peak engagement period, 9 to 10 AM being the highest engagement hour of the day.

Post at least two times a week: And optimize your post content with keywords to boost your SEO rankings.

Make sure to insert your Brand name, your Website Name or link and any other key words describing your Brand in the About section of your Website or Blog: Some early researches indicate that one of the most important search signals for SEO engines such as Google is whether the query terms appear in the About section of either the Website, Blog or Social Network profile.

Publish some unique content: Your Website, Blog or Social Network Page shall concentrate on offering some unique exceptional pieces of content. Reposting will only result in lower engagement. People are looking for substance, for information engaging differently. Launching and keeping up with unique content will always prove to be a very good test for your brand.

Cross Promotion Strategy

Add your personal URL and a well-designed “Call to Action” as well as your well-defined “Mission Statement” to each and every one of your Public Relations, Communications and Social Media Platforms. Promote your content, events and products or services across each and every one of your Communications and Social Network Platforms.

Engaging Influencers & Growing Followers

Always make sure to engage with everyone that is interacting with you, especially with influential medias, people and corporations that align with your personal brand: Medias, people and corporations that are interacting with you and your content are your most valuable assets. Understand their motivation and evaluate all the possibilities of their network reach.

Explore all opportunities that are knocking at your door: Look for “Interesting People, Blogs and Website Pages”. Again, Medias, people and corporations that are interacting with you and your content are your most valuable assets. Whether under a generic or specific category, highlight their brand or personality in some way and, whatever you do, just make sure to acknowledge their significance and fully investigate how you can derive awareness of your presence from a mention on either their Blog or their page.

Alone, you are not getting anywhere.

To be continued…


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By: Michel Ouellette JMD on NOVEMBER 7, 2012

President Obama’s official portrait

Early spring 2012, President Obama’s Chicago veteran campaign staff is confronting the question that would ultimately decide the presidency: how to run against Mitt Romney?

The choice discussed was whether to campaign against Romney as a flip-flopper or to cast him as a protector of the privileged at the expense of the middle class, a man who willingly fires people and is disconnected from how average Americans live their lives. The choice was made: Mitt Romney was to be shown and depicted as a heartless executive. While the Obama campaign decided to set the campaign’s course in the summer of 2012, Romney’s senior staffers put their money on winning a decisive autumn. But, as the attacks mounted from the Obama’s side, many of the Romney’s advisers were really concerned. Instead of addressing the issue then, it was decided to wait for a later time, during the convention and the debates. – First mistake.

The Obama’s campaign decision to focus on Romney helped set an angry tone for the multibillion-dollar campaign that was to come and was the deciding factor of this presidential election. The turnout, yesterday of the African-Americans, Latinos, women, and young voters in swing states proved it. Obama, weighed down by a poor economy and the sudden eruption of violence and conflicts in the Middle East, needed help. Bill Clinton came to the rescue and Mitt Romney himself did the rest. The Republican’s brash condemnation of Americans who do not pay federal income taxes, Romney’s quick criticism of the administration for a spike in Middle East violence, and even his choice of a running mate that brought unexpected tension into the campaign all worked against his mid-fall effort to surmount Obama’s lead.

Obama’s effort to portray Romney as a part of the economic problem resonated in the upper Midwest, where the race in many ways was cemented. In Ohio, Obama’s early decision to bail out the auto industry, and Romney’s opposition to the plan, helped frame the contest in the incumbent’s favor before it even began. In the final stretch, Obama almost squandered his hard-won lead with a bewildering performance in his first debate with Romney. But, for a candidate whose political career has been touched at times by luck, Hurricane Sandy arrived with a week left in the race and disrupted Romney’s effort.

All my money was on Romney but I never could have predicted Sandy.


For full details on how the Obama Campaign was conducted:



 Romney has path to victory

Obama still have the upper hand in the state-by-state fight to cobble together the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency in the November 6 election. But Romney’s recent surge in the polls has propelled him into the lead or within striking distance in enough states to give him a reasonable chance of beating Obama to the finish line. 

Most national polls are now showing Obama and Romney deadlocked and in such a close race, any surprise development during the final two weeks could loom large and, on Monday in Boca Raton, Florida, Romney is once again likely to challenge Obama on his handling of the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya while the alleged one-on-one talks about Iran’s nuclear program between the US and Iran is another issue that could shape the narrative of the campaign’s final days.

It is going to be a really close election.

My prediction: Romney will be the next American President



 Joe Biden is just being Joe, and this kind of edginess often works

Down-home and laid-back, Joe Biden has been traveling the USA saying, for better or worse, what few politicians would say about their opponents. Biden has a long history of edgy verbal hurts. But since his blustery vice-presidential debate with Paul Ryan, he seems to have found a slightly different niche, a more deliberate delivery of his sometimes-outrageous utterances. He offers these with a smile, relishing the stage, often punctuated by a “Whoa!”

Within the Obama campaign, there is a cautious fear that Biden will go too far. But Biden fills a strategic role for the campaign: to attack relentlessly and to be full-throated in defense of the Obama administration. This is straight out of the VP 101 class. And, because of his ability to connect and communicate in a clear and effective way, Obama’s campaign officials have decided to let Joe be Joe.

Biden has twice run for president and has not ruled out a third attempt in 2016.


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