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Never underestimate the danger of associating with the unhappy and miserable.

The people you associate with are critical.

Those misfortunes among us who have been brought down by circumstances beyond their control deserve all the help and sympathy we can give them. But there are others who are not born to misfortune or unhappiness, but who draw it upon themselves by their destructive actions and unsettling effect on others. It would be a great thing if we could raise them up, change their patterns, but more often than not it is their patterns that end up getting inside and changing us. Humans are extremely susceptible to the moods, emotions, and even the ways of thinking of those with whom they spend their time.

The incurably unhappy and unstable, believe me on this one, have a particularly strong infecting power because their characters and emotions are so intense. They often present themselves as victims, making it difficult, at first, to see their self-inflicted miseries. Before you realize the real nature of their problems, you already have been infected by them. In the game of power, the people you associate with are critical. The risk of associating with the unhappy and unlucky is that you will waste valuable time and energy trying to free yourself. Never underestimate the danger of associating with the unhappy and miserable.

There are many kinds of unhappy and unlucky people to be aware of, but one of the most insidious is the sufferer from chronic dissatisfaction.

There is only one solution: quarantine.

Protect yourself from the negative influence of the unhappy and unlucky by learning on how to judge people on the effects they have on the world and not on the reasons they give for their problems. They can be recognized by the misfortune they draw on themselves, their turbulent past, their long line of broken relationships, their unstable careers, and the very force of their character, which sweeps you up and makes you lose reason. Learn to see the discontent in their eye. Do not take pity. Do not enmesh yourself in trying to help. The unhappy and unlucky will remain unchanged, but you will be unhinged.

On the other hand, there are people who attract happiness to themselves by their good cheer, natural buoyancy, and intelligence. They are a source of pleasure, and you must associate with them to share the prosperity they draw upon themselves. All positive qualities influence our lives. Use the positive side of this emotional osmosis to advantage. Associate with the generous souls and you will attain greatness. Gravitate to the cheerful. Befriend the gregarious. Never associate with those who share your defects, they will only reinforce everything that holds you back. Only create associations with positive affinities and you will benefit more than from all the therapy in the world.

There is nothing to be gained by associating with those who infect you with their misery; associate with the fortunate.


Owner of and King Global Earth and Environmental Sciences Corporation, JMD, a former attorney, is a Columnist for The Futurist Daily News and editor of the Social and Political Blog  Follow JMD @ jmdlive





I learned it the hard way: trying to deal with an emotional manipulator can cost you dearly. Emotional manipulators defy logic. They derive satisfaction from controlling you and creating chaos.

Photo of a sad woman sitting on a chair holding a drink.

I learned it the hard way: trying to deal with an emotional manipulator can cost you dearly.

Emotional manipulators are toxic.

We all know what it feels like to be emotionally manipulated. It can be extremely damaging and destructive. Because emotional manipulation can be so destructive, it is important to recognize it in your own life and to make it a rule to stay away from the emotional manipulators.

Emotional manipulators are naturally very skillful. They are incredibly skilled liars. They will insist an incident did not happen when it did. They will insist they did or said something when they did not. By doing so, they undermine your grasp on reality. They are so good at it that you end up questioning your own sanity.

Emotional manipulators will tell you what you want to hear, but their actions do not match their words. They will pledge their support, but, when it comes time to follow through, they will act as though your requests are entirely unreasonable. They will tell you how lucky they are to know you, and then act as though you are a burden. They make you mold your perception of reality according to what is convenient to them.

they are masters at leveraging your guilt to their advantage. Whatever the problems the two of you are having, you created that situation. Nothing is ever their responsibility. If you get mad or upset, it is your fault for having unreasonable expectations. If they get mad, it is your fault for upsetting them.

They are an emotional black hole.

Whatever emotional manipulators are feeling, they are geniuses at sucking everyone around them into those emotions. If they are in a bad mood, everyone around them knows it. They are so skillful that, not only is everyone aware of their mood, they feel it too.

They eagerly agree to help and then act like a martyr. Whatever they agreed to do is a huge burden. The goal? To make you feel guilty, indebted and maybe even crazy. No matter what problems you may have, they have it worse. The message? You have no reason to complain, so shut the fuck up.

They know all your buttons and do not hesitate to push them. They know your weak spots, and they are quick to use that knowledge against you. Their awareness of your emotions is off the charts and they use it to manipulate you, not to make you feel better.

Stay away from the emotional manipulators.

Emotional manipulators will drive you crazy because of their irrational behavior. Everything they do or say goes against reason. Remove yourself from their traps. You do not need to respond to the emotional chaos. Avoid allowing yourself to respond to them emotionally. Quit trying to beat them at their own game. Distance yourself from them. Establish boundaries. And do so consciously and proactively.

Stick to your guns.

Nobody can manipulate you without your consent and cooperation.Stay away from the emotional manipulators.

They are toxic.


Owner of and King Global Earth and Environmental Sciences Corporation, JMD, a former attorney, is a Columnist for The Futurist Daily News and editor of the Social and Political Blog  Follow JMD @ jmdlive

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Lighten up!

Probing together the days of the ancient, fathoming the grottoes of the Cro-Magnon of the Great Hunt and the Neanderthal, the dens of the crouching cannibals of the glacial ages, examining the enigmatic chalky, skeletal remains of what have been the chimpanzee-like hunter-pygmies on the open plains of the early Transvaal, we shall be finding clues to the deepest secrets not only of the most extraordinary cultures of both the Orient and the Occident, but also of our own most inward expectations, spontaneous responses, and obsessive fears. Our intention therefore, is to explore the deep, very deep well of the past to ascertain what part of the collective universal knowledge has been already labored and perfected, and what portions have been long ago left unfinished or entirely neglected.

Doing so, we will investigate together the mythological fabric of the “Oriental”, all the traditions of that broad and various, yet essentially unified, major province represented by the philosophical myths and mythological philosophies of India, Southeast Asia, China, and Japan, to which can be joined the earlier yet closely related mythological cosmologies of archaic Mesopotamia and Egypt, as well as the later, remotely, yet essentially comparable systems of the Pre-Columbian Middle America and Peru. Then, we will venture in the mythological world of the “Occidental”, the progressively, ethically oriented mythologies of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all of this in relationship and counterplay to the animus of the Greco-Roman pantheons and the Celto-Germanic. And finally, we will be considering the recent contemporary “Creative Mythology”, that most important mythological tradition of the modern world, which can be said to have had its origin with the Greeks, to have come of age in the Renaissance, and to still be flourishing today in the works of those artists, poets, and philosophers of the West for whom the wonder of the world itself, as it is now being analyzed by science, is the ultimate revelation.

Gathering into a single summation all the information, mystical, mythological, historical and scientific materials pointing out to the roots, the true nature of mankind, its origins and all the possible futures of mankind is no child play. Keeping it rational, impartial and unprejudiced is even more difficult. No one, as far as I know, has yet tried to compose into a single picture the realistic image of the fundamental unity and history of mankind. Never before such an undertaking has been attempted before. Gathering from the deep well of the past, I will, demonstrate, once and for all, that we have now reached the final frontier of mankind intellectual absurdity.

Believing in the divine beings will never drive mankind anywhere else than straight into a living hell.

To be continued…



The Birth of a New Science

The comparative study of all the mythologies of the world compels us to view the cultural history of mankind as a single unit. Such themes as the fire-theft, the deluge, the land of the dead, the uniqueness of God, the virgin birth, and the resurrected heroes, have a worldwide distribution, appearing everywhere in different times, in each and every civilizations, in new combinations while remaining, only a few but always the same. While in tales told for entertainment, such mythical themes are to be taken lightly, in religious and mystical contexts, they are intended not only to be accepted as factual but also, even represented as divine revelations from which entire cultures have or are to derive both their spiritual authority and temporal power. No human society, ancient or modern culture has yet been found in which, such mythological themes have not been repeated in liturgies, interpreted by prophets and vaticinators, poets and authors, theologians or philosophers; presented in art; magnified in song, hymns and psalms; and ecstatically experienced in life empowering visions.

Indeed, the chronicle of our species, from its earliest page, has been not an account of the progress of man the toolmaker, but even more tragically, a record of the pouring of blazing visions into the minds of seers and the efforts of earthly communities to incarnate unearthly covenants. Every society, every culture of the past has received its own seal and sign of supernatural designation, communicated to its heroes and daily proved in the lives and experience of its folk. And though many who bow with closed eyes in the sanctuaries of their own tradition rationally scrutinize and disqualify the sacraments of others, an honest comparison immediately reveals that all have been built from one fund of mythological motifs variously selected, organized, interpreted, and ritualized, according to local need, but revered by every people on earth.

Mankind, apparently, cannot maintain itself in the universe without the belief in some arrangement of some kind of general mythical inheritance. In fact, for all mankind, the fullness of life would even seem to stand in a direct ratio to the depth and range not of his rational thought but of his local mythology.

Why is it that for too many societies and cultures, there is no possible personal empowerment without the existence and the belief in so many and such unsubstantial mystical and mythological themes?

Why is it that so many people are lacking of such ego that they cannot have a destiny of their own?

Why is it that whenever men and women, even today, when they decide to empower themselves, more than often, always elect to do it not on the facts in which the world abounds, but rather on some mythical and immemorial irrational imagination of the facts of life and the reality of their existence?

Would it not be easier for mankind, instead to make life a living hell for themselves and their neighbors, in the name of some more or less rational, merciless abundance of gods, to gracefully accept the plenteousness the world provides?

How long are the modern civilizations to remain spiritually locked from each other in their local ritual entrenchment and false notions of the sense of the general tradition? 

Would it not be better and more productive for everyone and all people to come to some more profoundly rational and systemic based point and counterpoint of human understanding?

While we have to agree that it is a fact of life that the myths and legends of our several cultures work upon us, whether consciously or unconsciously, as some possibly energy-releasing, life-motivating and directing agents, one is to observe that even though our rational minds may be in agreement, the myths and fabulations by which we are living, or by which our fathers lived, can be driving us, at that very moment, more and more diametrically apart.

Fresh insights in psychological research, comparative symbolism, religion, mythology, philosophy and science are now suggesting a new possible image of the possible fundamental unity of the spiritual and metaphysical history of mankind. No one, as far as I know, has yet tried to compose into a single picture the new perspectives that have been opened to us by the scholarship of recent years.

Without straining beyond incommensurable amount of evidence already on hand, but simply gathering from it the fundamentals of a new unitary systemic science, in the days to come, I will, demonstrate, once and for all, through the natural history of the gods and heroes of all time, that we have now reach the final frontier of mankind intellectual absurdity and that it is now time for humanity to take a step forward, not to say backward.

Believing in the divine beings will never drive mankind anywhere else than straight into a living hell.

To be continued…



Barack Obama under fire 

WASHINGTON – As the United States of America president for the last 4-1/2 years, Obama has faced accusation after accusation of impinging on civil liberties, disappointing his liberal Democratic base and providing fodder for rival Republicans as he deals with the realities of office.

When he took office in 2009, Obama promised to close the Guantanamo camp but it remains open. Today, Obama says he will revisit that pledge and blames Congress for blocking his plan. Under his presidency, we have seen aerial drone strikes abroad, in places such as Pakistan and Yemen. We have seen repeated seizure of journalists’ files and phone records.

Even though there were reasons to think Obama would have been different from some of his predecessors, because of his background and because of what he said during the electoral campaign, we have to realize he his no different from some presidents like George W. or Nixon when it comes to balancing national security and individual liberties issues.

Obama is no Clinton and no Kennedy and his marketing and preaching approach of the presidency will never make up for his mistakes. Obama is now facing the realities of being president. When he won his place as the first African-American in the White House, many Americans applauded another advance in the country’s long civil rights movement. Since then, while Obama is still trying to present himself as a progressive Democrat, he has not been very successful at representing himself as a fiery civil libertarian. Under his presidency, there has been a constant effort from the Obama’s administration to control the message.

Even though Hilary would have been a better president than Obama and the fact that Sarah could not have done worse, whatever the situation, compared to the abuse of the George W. Bush-era, the Watergate scandal during Richard Nixon’s administration and the Iran-contra controversy during Ronald Reagan’s years, we still in the minor-abuse league.

Lets see, what will happen next.


Michel Ouellette JMD
Public Affairs & Communications
Columnist, Novelist, and Futurist



Can anybody tell me why all of this is happening?

This morning, I woke up and I knew that everything was going to fall apart and it did. For the lasts nine months and for the lasts twenty years before, all I have done is trying to survive and I did. What would be different today would you ask? The answer is quite simple: I am tired, I am exhausted, I am so done that for the first time of my live, – I had that thought many times before – I really believe that only death will save me and death it will be unless one of our Mighty Gods decide otherwise. For the lasts twenty years, I didn’t bleed, I fought back and today, there is nothing left to fight for, not even love. Yes indeed, I live in a very lonely world.

Every day begins the same, waking up either too early or too late, the last dreamy wisps evaporating, leaving only vague recollections of my past, present and possible future, one cup of instant cold coffee tasting like a nightmare and then I am at my computer, my morning, evening, and afternoon, my only friend. Then, the nagging feeling that something better is waiting for me out there and the confusing feeling that my time would probably be best spent reading news all day, learning about the madness of the world since it’s so easy to have it shrink to the size of my personal experience. I want to be looking for jobs instead, jobs that will bring me into new social circles, but again, isn’t it what I have been doing for the lasts several months? And then, it is wakeup time again, and I am still wondering what I want to be today, what it would be like to stand at the perfect intersection of my dreams and skills. Who told me that I could be anything I wanted to be? I can’t remember.

One thing I know, the game is different than I was told it would be. I don’t even recognize the rules. Or, are there any rules? How do I win this game? Or isn’t it only life! Who’s on my team? Or do I have to stand and fight alone? And I wonder: what is happening to me? Things I believed are not anymore and opportunities are no longer knocking at my doors other then for me to become something I never thought I would be. This morning, again, making a difference seems secondary to making a living.

How many, do you think, have or experience the same feelings?

This is no reason to bomb anyone anywhere in the world, not even in Boston




Various scientific scenarios have been theorized on an eventual doomsday.

1. – An asteroid or comet’s collision with Earth.

Such an event although very improbable for the next few years, happened in the past and will happen again.

Given that the asteroid or comet is big enough, an applicable scenario predicts a chemical change in the atmosphere due to “heat shock” produced by the entry in the atmosphere and impact on earth of the asteroid or comet. Such chemical change would involve the production of nitric-acid rains, the bitterness produced by the Biblical prediction of the Wormwood Star upon a third of the Earth’s potable water.

2. – Is the earth pole shift theory possible?

If a large enough comet or asteroid falls on Earth to produce acid rains, the consequences of such and event will include earthquakes, tsunamis and massive destruction of populations that could mean the “End of Times”. But what about an Earth pole shift?

As a matter of fact, the magnetic field of the Earth has actually switched its direction many times during Earth’s history. This can be verified from geologic records indicating that the Lava flows that have solidified 30,000 years ago are evidence that the magnetic field of the earth was in the opposite direction at that time. The same geologic records show that such a reversal could possibly take less than 100 years.

One effect that may occur during a magnetic reversal is that the Earth may not be protected from charged particles streaming from the sun. These particles are called the “solar wind“, and could be dangerous to life if they reached the Earth’s surface. Solar wind energy can also cause “space plasma storms”, that could cause communication satellites and electronic equipment and instrumentation to fail. Such plasma storms can also cause damage to electric power systems on the surface of the Earth. A large space storm in 1989 made currents on the ground that caused a failure in the Hydro-Quebec electric power system. This prevented 6 million people in Canada and the US from having electricity for over 9 hours.

3. –What about a “man made” apocalyptic disaster?

Do I really have to answer to this one?

We have civil and religious wars going all around the world, economic and political conflicts, poverty and misery, all over the world. The only question is who would be crazy enough to draw first blood.

Bashar Al Assad? Benjamin Netanyahu? Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Kim Jong-un? Vladimir Putin? Barack Obama? Any one of these men or any country that owns the nuclear technology can trigger a sequence of events of apocalyptic dimensions that would fit all the biblical and prophetic description of the end of the world.