Bashar Al-Assad

Bashar Al-Assad has won

Bashar Al-Assad

Right one more time!


As I already have predicted it on 16 March 2012, last Tuesday, capturing another seven-year term in the middle of a bloody three-year-old uprising against his rule that has devastated the country, Bashar Al-Assad, has been re-elected.

While Russia defends Al-Assad reelection as fair, the opposition and its Western allies, including the United States, have denounced the election as a farce.

What do I think?

Hilary would have made a better president and, this will be a never-ending story.

Will Hilary run?

To be continued…


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Where are the good guys?

December 21st 2013  | BEIRUT AND CAIRO

WHAT to do when the party you have been backing loses sway?

That is the question facing Western supporters of the Syrian National Coalition. The rise of jihadists and the worsening sectarian strife in Syria is now putting Western backers of the rebel opposition in some kind of a quandary. As the jihadists are gaining in strength, some Western officials are now starting to advocate some form of political re-engagement with Bashar Assad, while others think the only course left is to work with devout Islamists who reject the extremists but who nonetheless refuse to be part of the coalition previously backed by the West. With negotiations forecasted to start on January 22nd, Western governments are still puzzling over which military factions to back on the ground.

The direct cause of this political mess is the actual growth of al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria. The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (Greater Syria), known as ISIS, the most ruthless of the groups, has spread across northern and eastern Syria, while another al-Qaeda group, Jabhat al-Nusra, still thrives. This has caused and still is causing alarm in Western capitals and among Syrians who mutter that the extremists may be even worse than a regime that has used fighter jets, barrel-bombs and chemical warfare against civilians. With Russia and Iran doggedly behind him, al-Assad has stood and still is holding firm.

Without any form of structured opposition, with all factions fighting one against the other, al-Assad will maintain power as long as he wants and there is nothing the western world can do about it.

To learn more about the situation:

To be continued…



No luck Tayyip Erdogan

WASHINGTON – Like my 5 years old would say, “I guess Mr. Barack received the message from Mr. Al-Assad: Why don’t you shut up and just mind your own business … you are so full of hot air!”

Taking a cautious line at a joint news conference with Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, Obama said yesterday he reserved the right to resort to both diplomatic and military options to pressure Syrian President Bashar al-Assad but insisted that U.S. action alone would not be enough to resolve the Syrian crisis.

Erdogan had been expected to push Obama, at least in private, for more assertive action but Obama made no mention of deeper engagement. “What we have to do is apply steady international pressure,” Obama said.

Earlier on Thursday, Turkish President Abdullah Gul criticized the world’s response on Syria as limited to “rhetoric”. Turkey has been one of Assad’s fiercest critics, throwing its weight behind the uprising, allowing the rebels to organize on its soil and sheltering 400,000 refugees.


Bashar al-Assad

 Do I hear you!

UNITED NATIONS — Wednesday May 15, 2013 will be remembered as a critical date in the resolution of the Syrian conflict: A nonbinding resolution was passed by the UN calling for a political transition to end the civil war there, putting the onus on the government of President Bashar al-Assad to stop the killing.

Acknowledging the total uselessness of this resolution as well as their functions, the 193 overpaid useless pathetic members of the general assembly recognized that, like their every other diplomatic useless non-realistic initiative regarding Syria, their new repeated approach would probably fail to stem the violence or coax out a political solution.

Only 59 out of the UN members had enough sense or decency not to take part in this grotesque display of political nonsense and diplomatic as well as personal insanity or senility. The resolution passed 107 to 12, it fell far short of the 133 votes in support of a similar resolution last August. The 59 abstentions reflected the widespread sentiment that the new absolutely useless repeated initiative will not help in any way to solve the Syrian conflict.

Even my little 5 years old can understand that!

Keep on going Bashar, you can do it!


 “ … and may a camel jump your wife, your daughter, your mother and your sister”

JMD — Bashar al-Assad scotched any suggestion he might flee Syria and warned that any Western military intervention to topple him would have catastrophic consequences for the Middle East and beyond, that the cost of such action would be unbearable.

“I think that the cost of a foreign invasion of Syria, if it happens, would be bigger than the entire world can bear … This will have a domino effect that will affect the world from the Atlantic to the Pacific”.

“I do not believe the West is heading in this direction, but if they do, nobody can tell what will happen afterwards.”

“I am tougher than Gaddafi… I will live and die in Syria.”

Yes indeed Bashar,that is exactly where you are to die and hopefully sooner than later and may a camel jump your wife!



Note: The remarks were published in Arabic on Russia Today’s web site before being reported. It was not clear when Assad gave the interview.


By: Michel Ouellette JMD

David Cameron, British Prime Minister

 “Anything, anything, to get that man out of the country and to have a safe transition in Syria.”  – David Cameron

Now that the US Elections are over, and that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is sitting on the wrong side of the fence, – he openly supported Mitt Romney who was in favor of an Israeli attack on Iran – western efforts to oust Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad have shifted dramatically.

“Anything, anything, to get that man out of the country and to have a safe transition in Syria,” British Prime Minister David Cameron told Al-Arabiya news network in Abu Dhabi before flying to Saudi Arabia. Britain as even offered Al-Assad immunity as a way of persuading him to leave power.

With Britain and Turkey now saying that they will deal
directly with rebel military leaders to shape the opposition to the regime into a coherent force, NATO members are now discussing protecting a safe zone inside Syria with Patriot missiles. These developments came within hours of President Obama’s re-election. Planning for a safe zone inside Syria had been put on hold pending the US election. 

Now that the US Presidential is over and that the door is open for a missile deployment, there is a clear an opportunity for Britain, America, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan and like-minded allies to come together and get rid of Al-Assad once and for all.

Will they do it?

Cameron is currently on a tour of the Middle East and speaking on Obama’s re-election said: “I am hearing appalling stories about what has happened inside Syria so one of the first things I want to talk to Barack about is how we must do more to try and solve this crisis.”

My educated guess: No balls Obama will not move!


Des crimes de guerre qui demeurent impunis

Des avions bombardent une ville aux mains des rebelles. Dans un immeuble civil, roquettes et bombes tuent 23 enfants. Des dizaines de dépouilles enveloppées dans des linceuls blancs et des sacs en plastique portant la mention “parties de corps” jonchent les trottoirs. Quelques moments plus tôt, des enfants jouaient dans la rue. Où sont-ils ?

Des avions de chasse syriens larguent des bombes à sous-munitions, des engins de fabrication soviétique, des RBK-250 et des AO-1Sch. Ces bombes tuent de manière indiscriminée. Femmes et enfants, corps démembrés jonchent les rues.

Tout a commencé il y a dix-neuf mois par un mouvement de contestation pacifique contre la dictature de Bachar Al-Assad. L’indignation populaire est devenue révolte et maintenant guerre civile. Pas un jour sans qu’un innocent ne soit tué. Et maintenant? Des attentats aveugles sont perpétrés par des djihadistes. Les morts ne se comptent plus, 20 000? 40 000? Qui sait? Les blessés se comptent maintenant par centaines de milliers.

Des villes entières sont ravagées, des villages sont en ruine, les récoltes détruites. Campés dans les décombres des villes, sans nourriture, sans eau ni électricité, sous le tir croisé de l’armée et de la rébellion, l’hiver sera long pour le peuple Syrien et personne ne s’en préoccupe.

Alors que la Russie, l’Iran, l’Irak et le Hezbollah libanais fournissent armement et assistance militaire au régime de Bachar Al-Assad le truand, l’Arabie saoudite, le Qatar et les Etats-Unis appuient la rébellion en leur fournissant du matériel de communication. C’est avec très peu de succès que les rebelles Syriens réussissent è abattre les avions de Bachar en leur lançant des walkies talkies et des portables. Personne ne livre à la rébellion les armes lourdes et les missiles antiaériens qui lui permettraient de neutraliser la chasse et les hélicoptères de combat du régime.

Tous ceux qui disposent de suffisamment de pouvoir pour mettre fin à ce conflit, Américains, Européens, Chinois et Russes, craignent – avec raison – que ce conflit déborde au delà des frontières de la Syrie. Quel aveuglement, ceci est déjà arrivé. Conséquence de l’absence de couilles, pour les Occidentaux et de l’obstructionnisme opportuniste des Russes et des Chinois, alors que l’on pave les rues de la Syrie des corps mutilés et démembrés de milliers d’innocents, la guerre syro-syrienne s’internationalise. Hier le Liban, aujourd’hui la Turquie, demain la Jordanie. D’un côté l’islam, l’Arabie saoudite  et l’Égypte; de l’autre, les pays non arabes tous alliés des Etats-Unis et de son président émasculé. D’un côté une rébellion syrienne majoritairement sunnite; de l’autre, la branche minoritaire chiite et la République islamique d’Iran, le Hezbollah libanais et l’Irak, tous soutenant Bachar le despote Al-Assad appartenant à la secte alaouite.

Que ce soit pour se tenir à distance du conflit, ou pour appuyer Damas, en Europe, aux Etats-Unis en Russie, en Chine et partout ailleurs dans le monde, on met en avant l’argument de la radicalisation islamiste de l’insurrection. Alors que des innocents sans ressources meurent dans les rues, c’est là beaucoup de masturbation intellectuelle et de diarrhée verbale, pour défendre et justifier l’indéfendable et l’injustifiable.

Des gens meurent, des femmes et des enfants innocents crèvent inutilement! Quoi de si difficile à comprendre ? Plus les combats se prolongeront, plus les djihadistes multiplieront leurs attentats terroristes meurtriers. Plus cette guerre civile durera, plus il sera difficile de gérer l’ère post-Assad. Non ce n’est pas une question de compréhension, tout simplement une question d’opportunisme politique d’une part et, d’absences de couilles d’autre part.

Il est malheureux que je ne sois pas suffisamment fortuné. Des couilles j’en ai mais je n’ai malheureusement pas les moyens. Donnez–moi ces moyens et je vous règle toute cette affaire en moins de deux !